Mom break - Realistic self-care ideas for stay-at-home moms

If you’re whizzing through your days in a blur of exhaustion, you need a break. Here are 30 self-care ideas for stay-at-home moms to help put the joy back into motherhood... 

To the mom who lost her job

Losing a job you enjoyed is hard enough without the pressure of having to try to find a replacement as a mom during a pandemic.  

Whether you were retrenched (made redundant) or felt a push to resign, job loss is an emotional, financial and career hit that takes time and effort to recover from. And you are not alone...

DIY haircut with hair clippers

I did it - I gave myself a DIY haircut with hair clippers. 

My split ends had split ends. It’s the only explanation for how fluffy my wild mane looked. I guess that’s what happens when your last haircut was in November 2019. A good haircut was long overdue.

From the ashes

Everyone has been talking about the Cape Town fires, but I've had little to say...until now. 

I thought I was okay until seeing the pictures of the charred, hollowed-out Mostert’s Mill. That's when I felt this emptiness.

Pre-COVID, I attended one of the mill’s open days with my family. I wanted my son to experience the awe I felt when visiting this working piece of history as a child. He loved it. When we talked about the fire, he kept saying that the mill couldn't be completely burnt down. Oh, the heartbreak.

But it is more than the destructive fire that saddens me. I think that, like many Capetonians, I have felt deeply affected since we've already lost so much in this pandemic.